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宝宝点读认知 发声书 - 交通工具 Vehicle Soundbook

  • $28.90

Sound book all about vehicles! Learn more about vehicles like the bus, motorcycle, ambulance, tractor, ships and more.

Requested by mummies who wish to have screen-free options to occupy kids meaningfully, while they get stuff done!


Different audio plays when you press each button denoted by a colored circle on the page:

  • First: Sound that the vehicle makes 叫声
  • Second: Mandarin and English names of vehicle 中文和英文的名称
  • Third: Short Mandarin rhyme that is really catchy! 童谣

Comes with an On/Off Button.

The last page has a little game to recap what has been learnt in the previous pages.

Sample rhymes:


Recommended for Ages: 0-5
Pages: 10
Format: Hardcover
Language: Bilingual
Author: 权惠娟
Illustrator: 香蕉猴

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
K love it!!

received our book and kay love it so much!!! This soundbook is really very interactive and good for toddler like kay. They learn the different kind of vehicle and sound, at the same time a little story for them to listen as well. Really a great book for kay! Love it!! 🥰

Dear Corrina, thank you for taking the time to leave a review on our webstore! Soundbooks are a wonderful tool for learning and awesome to hear that K loves it!