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第一次上街买东西 Buying Things For The First Time (Set of 5)

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Do you remember buying things on your own when you were young? It was exhilarating to do something that only adults did! 

My elder son loves to run errands on his own since he was 5 years old, getting eggs or bread for the entire family. Lots of practice on communication, identifying local currency and simple addition and subtraction when he gets change. Sometimes we set a budget and let him choose too! He always comes home alone with a bright smile. This is my secret tool to reset his mood if tempers are running short in the afternoons!

Equipping our kids with lifeskills give them confidence to tackle other challenges in life.

Titles included:

  1. 第一次上街买东西
  2. 妹妹住院了
  3. 神奇的水彩
  4. 是谁送的呢
  5. 阿惠和妹妹
  6. 是谁送的呢

Recommended for Ages: 3-10
Pages: 160
Format: Softcover
Language: Simplified Chinese
Author: 筒井赖子
Illustrator: 林明子
Translated from: Japanese
Translated by: 彭懿, 季颖

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