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等一等 Wait

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Wait describes a common experience that happens to parents. The mother in the story is in a rush, pulls her child's little hand while crossing the road, and constantly repeats "Hurry up!" The child, on the other hand, keeps stopping to look at the little dog on the road, to talk to the workers fixing the road, and to feed the ducks in the park some bread. It suddenly starts raining, and the mother's footsteps grow more hurried, and her voice becomes less patient. At this moment, the child pulls on his mother's clothes, and she finally stops and realizes what her child has discovered - a beautiful rainbow across the sky. 

The book teaches parents all over to slow down, enjoy the present and not be in a hurry all the time. 

Recommended for Ages: 0-6
Pages: 40
Format: Hardcover
Language: Simplified Chinese
Author: 安托瓦妮特·波蒂斯 Antoinette Portis
Translated from: English
Translated by: 连涟

Conversation starters:
- Who is walking in front?
- Who is walking behind?
- What is the little boy looking at?
- Who is the lady looking at?
- Do you like to walk slowly or quickly?

Suggested extension activities:
- Take a walk in the neighbourhood, let your child set the pace and direction
- Visit an aquarium shop
- Eat ice cream

Learning Themes:
- Patience
- Time
- Places and people in the neighbourhood
- Transportation
- Weather
- Family

Here is our book in action during a Mandarin Playgroup for toddlers!


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This morning, we took a break from cookery and had a Mandarin story-telling session with our young toddlers. We read the book 等一等 from @mystorytreasury (Em absolutely loves this book) and inspired by my daughter, I had items found in the book placed in a drawstring bag. • • Stereognostic bag, more commonly known as Mystery Bag is a classic sensorial Montessori material that helps children develop their ability to identify object using only one sense - the sense of touch. It is usually used by older children (3 and up) where they may first be blindfolded and then name the familiar items as they feel the items in the bag.• • For young toddlers, we can vary it by asking them for a particular item and then allowing the child to pick out the named item. Alternatively, you can let them feel, pick and name the item.• • I found it really useful to introduce new mandarin words to Em through the book (even though the book has very little words - only 快一点 and 等等), and then reemphasise them using a mystery bag.• • More ideas and info from the link• • #sgmontessori #sgmontessorimoms #homebasedplaygroup #montessoriplaygroup

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等一等 Wait
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