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小兔汤姆系列图画书 Little Rabbit Tom Series (Set of 26)

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A collection of 26 tales of Little Rabbit Tom is bound to delight.

Little ones are drawn to the endearing illustrations and relatable storylines of Christmas, being bored, losing a grandparent, wetting the bed, having a nightmare and many more!

This is a perfect set of books to slip into the bag and read on the go, and a must-have in mama's arsenal of books to make first experiences easier.

Mums have told us that they love the vivid descriptions of daily activities in this set! The language is not too lofty, yet gives great detail, great to expand our Mandarin vocabulary and help us appreciate little things in life.

《汤姆的圣诞节》Tom's Christmas
《汤姆走丢了》Tom Gets Lost
《汤姆上幼儿园》Tom Goes to Kindergarten
《汤姆在海滩》Tom at the Seaside
《汤姆的小妹妹》Tom's Little Sister
《汤姆住院 》Tom Gets Hospitalised
《汤姆的生日》Tom's Birthday
《汤姆搬家》Tom Moves
《汤姆去农场》Tom Goes to the Farm
《汤姆恋爱了》Tom Likes Someone
《汤姆的噩梦》Tom's Nightmare
《汤姆尿床了》Tom Wets His Bed
《汤姆和伤心的鲁鲁》Tom and Sad Lulu
《汤姆最好的朋友》Tom's Best Friend
《汤姆无聊的时候》When Tom is Bored
《汤姆的外公去世了》Tom's Grandpa Passes Away
《汤姆骑自行车》Tom Rides His Bicycle
《汤姆变形记》Tom Transforms
《汤姆躲猫猫》Tom Plays Hide and Seek
《汤姆挨罚》Tom is Punished
《汤姆在游泳池》Tom at the Swimming Pool
《汤姆踢足球》Tom Plays Football
《汤姆去野营》Tom Goes Camping
《汤姆做国王饼》Tom Bakes Empire Biscuits
《汤姆去乡村》Tom Goes to the Countryside
《汤姆在城市》 Tom in the City

Recommended for Ages: 0-9
No. of Books: 26
Pages: 624
Format: Softcover, Each paperback is 16cm  x 17cm
Language: Simplified Chinese

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