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乌鸦面包店 Crow Bakery (Set of 5)

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A delightful set! A family of crows open various shops and goes through tough times in life together. With ingenuity, common sense and a lot of hard work, they open up many shops and learn many things together. These books touch on economic and entrepreneurial concepts in an easy-to-understand story with tons of details to pore over.

Perfect for primary school kids and even adults!

 加古里子 really wanted to educate the next generation on the importance of people helping each other, so he weaved this theme throughout the series. One unforgettable scene in 乌鸦面包店 was the crow papa and mama with 4 little crows working hard kneading dough together - they found strength in unity and their bakery's business took a positive turn thereafter.

The different temperaments and talents of the crows and other animals are like a little reflection of the community around us, with our own stories. There is even a wedding depicted in one of the titles!

Inculcating financial savviness to young ones was dear to  加古里子's heart, and he included financial literacy and entrepreneurial skills into the storyline. For example, in 乌鸦蔬果店 the crows arranged their merchandise neatly so as to attract more attention, and tried different pricing strategies like uniform pricing, each item going for 3 dollars. Does it remind you of real life businesses, like Daiso? 乌鸦天妇罗店 gives us a glimpse of what it takes to be a disciple of the master chef, and how the crows overcome manpower shortage. More details are in the Parents Handbook that comes along with the set! Even grownups are learning so many life lessons from these books.

What I appreciate most about 乌鸦面包店 bookset is that the lessons are not heavy-handed and preachy, never given on a silver platter. 加古里子 is a master storyteller and has a way of making you think and learn in an engaging way, and the lessons stay with you long after the pages have been flipped and the books have been closed.

Books in the set:
乌鸦面包店 Crow Bakery
乌鸦糕点店 Crow Pastry Shop
乌鸦天妇罗店 Crow Tempura Shop
乌鸦蔬果店 Crow Fruit and Veggie Shop
乌鸦荞麦面店 Crow Soba Noodle Shop

Fun fact: the first book  乌鸦面包店 was written in 1973, and the other 4 books were published 40 years later in 2013, when 加古里子 was 87 years old! Super respect!

Recommended for Ages: 5-12
No. of Books: 5
Pages: 155
Format: Softcover
Language: Simplified Chinese
Author / Illustrator: 加古里子
Translated by: 猿渡静子
Translated from: Japanese

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Thank you for writing this in-depth review and for the photos! So happy that families enjoy our books & make memories together ♥️ ---- 📚Read and Bake📚 . @mystorytreasury introduced this lovely series of books by #加古里子 to me. The first book in the series, 乌鸦面包店, was written 40 years ago but it doesn't feel dated at all. The story is about the owners of a bakery starting a family with 4 baby crows and how they cope with running a bakery as well as the demands of parenting 4 babies. There are so many themes running through the book: . 📚 work vs family - parents will so identify with the harassed mama and papa crows who burn the bread/under-bake the bread/leave the shop in a mess while tending to crying babies (and of course I lingered over these pages to explain to the boys the daily juggling that we do so they are taken care of); . 📚 teamwork and contributing to the family - when the baby crows got older, they chipped in to help knead the dough, shape the dough and bake bread; . 📚 creativity - the buns come in all shapes and sizes (swipe to see). The boys were really inspired and wanted to make 铅笔面包. I don't typically have much success with bread making so I told them we would start with a simple foccacia bake first and when I am better at working with bread dough, we could try different shapes; . 📚 economics - the author wanted to include basic economics principles in the series as he felt that such knowledge was part of basic survival skills. Through a series of events, he illustrated different business strategies used by the crow family to grow their business (word of mouth marketing, listening to customer feedback, maintaining quality of products etc). He is really a masterful storyteller as these lessons are all subtly woven into the story without any heavy-handed preaching. . We are slowly working our way through the series. Each book is so rich and layered and is good for multiple reads and the kids love love love the food illustrations (me too!). Don't have much energy for elaborate activities so am trying to read as much as I can with the boys. Baking yields food for meals and the freezer stash so I muster up the energy for that.

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Our latest Chinese Rave alert! #乌鸦面包店 系列 Initially I thought this might be too childish for my pri go-ers, however after Linxin @mystorytreasury recommendations, I decided to buy this set from her. The humble beginnings of papa and Mama crows feeding their 4 younglings while managing their bakery left us anticipating for their future. Even their names matched their bright colours perfectly, where my boys mused at 小巧克力,小柠檬,小苹果 和 小年糕. My eyes savored the childlike and delicately painted illustrations, while the kids were enticed by the lovely food drawn. Creativity is splattered throughout the book in their entrepreneurial ways of doing work doubling up with great valuable lessons on unity as strength. Even my boys were excited to take turns and go through the first book today with Ximalaya audio. They were happy to repeat the same story thrice.😄 you can listen to the entertaining audio at my insta story. That's what the boys were chuckling about! You can even listen to the series in Ximalaya and decide if this series are worth buying. This whole month the kids have been reading #汤姆 series tirelessly! Now I can't wait to complete the whole set together with the kids and learn together in Chinese the entrepreneurial and kampong spirit. #chinesebooksforkid #chinesebookreview #chinesepicturebooks

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Customer Reviews

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My children love these books

We have read 3 out of 5 books for my 3 children and they really love it. They even brought the books to school to read during reading time. My husband and I like that there's a continuation of the book about the mum and dad and their 4 adorable kids and how they bring up their kids amidst having to run a retail business. It talks about family bonding, parents' sacrificial love, parenting challenges, the importance of community etc

We can't wait to finish all books and we highly recommend this set of books for parents with young kids between 5 to 12 yr old.

Thank you Shir Li for your review! So glad to hear your family enjoys this bookset!