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中秋节 立体绘本 Mid-Autumn 3D Pop-up Book

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中秋节   真热闹

Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the major traditional festivals celebrated by Chinese all over the world. Just like Chinese New Year, Mid-Autumn is all about reunion in the family. Read up all about the festival in this interactive title and learn about Chang'e, mooncakes and lanterns.

Look out for the full moon on 13 September 2019, 农历八月十五! 

Conversation starters:  

-Have you ever wondered why the moon looks different every night?
-Why do people eat mooncakes during Mid-Autumn Festival?

Suggested extension activities:

- Share with your child how Mid-Autumn Festival was celebrated in your childhood
- Make a moon diary - Observe and draw the moon across a month, see how it transforms
- Buy or DIY a lantern and take it on a night walk
- Learn how to strike matches and light a candle, then watch it flicker in the night! Discuss about fire safety and how a candle lights up the darkness
- Play with sparklers! 
- Exchange and try different types of mooncakes (eg yam, snowskin, double yolk, lotus seed paste, ice cream) 

♫ Listen to 中秋节 being read aloud on Ximalaya ♫

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7/365 #每日共读 《中秋节》 A beloved title no matter what time of the year! This is really inviting for kids to learn about our Chinese heritage. “每一天, 遥遥都盼着月亮变圆。 因为奶奶说,“等月亮变圆的时候, 爸爸妈妈就会回来了。” 可是,月亮什么时候变圆呢?” The first page in the book always gets to me. Many kids in China are left-behind and raised by their grandparents in the rural areas, while their parents live in cities for most of the year, working to support their family back home. Reading this, I learnt with the kids to be grateful because we can stay with our families and see each other every single day. In many parts of the world, it is not always possible!

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7/365 #每日共读 《中秋节》- Part 3 This page with the lantern saying “但愿人长久, 千里共婵娟。” has gotten me into a nostalgic mood again! Went to dig out Teresa Teng's song 明月几时有. Her beautiful voice brought me to tears. Made me remember and miss my late grandma too, who sang this song before. Heard this song many times in my childhood and somehow can memorise the cheem chinese words - this is the power of a good song! Lyrics are taken from 水调歌头 which is written by the Chinese writer and poet 苏轼, during the Song Dynasty (宋朝). 明月几时有,把酒问青天。 不知天上宫阙,今夕是何年。 我欲乘风归去,唯恐琼楼玉宇,高处不胜寒。 起舞弄清影,何似在人间。 转朱阁,低绮户,照无眠。 不应有恨,何事长向别时圆。 人有悲欢离合,月有阴晴圆缺。 此事古难全,但愿人长久,千里共婵娟。 古诗古词好美啊! Side note: Feel like going for a karaoke session now! 😜

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Customer Reviews

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A must have beautiful book for Mid Autumn!

This gorgeous pop up book adds so much beauty and fun to what we have been learning about Mid Autumn Festival, and the moon! The illustrations are superbly detailed and intricate, and it’s just so pleasing on the eyes.

I especially enjoy turning the moon to go through its various phases, and how there are lanterns depicting 灯谜 🏮at the back, with the different poem verses with 月 inside. Too beautiful not to have!

Thank you Jas for your wonderful recommendation! So many surprises throughout the book (:

非常细致,富有华人文化色彩,小孩很惊艳也很喜欢。简直是爱不释手 。值得推荐的书,非常有质感。


Awesome pop up book with plenty of creative activities to facilitate learning about this festive day (mid autumn festival).

Glad to hear you liked it Sheau Kang! Thank you for stopping by to review the book.