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甲骨文配配卡 Oracle Bone Script Matching Card Game

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Warning: Not your normal Chinese flash cards. Fun times ahead! 

Word recognition is an integral part of language mastery. My Story Treasury brings to you a fun and interactive way to introduce the origin of Chinese characters using the earliest known form of Chinese writing - an absolute gem for kinesthetic and visual learners!

See the transformation of representations from drawings, to 甲骨文 (Oracle bone script) used in ancient China and then to our Simplified Chinese Characters used in modern communication. Kids and adults alike can better appreciate the beauty of Chinese characters, and also feel the impact of Chinese civilization before our time, helping us understand our place in history. 

Helps train a child's observation, concentration, memory and confidence. Doesn't hurt that the cards are also really beautiful and pleasing to the eye! 

About the cards:

There are 108 cards, based on 36 commonly used Chinese characters in total of 4 themes. 
Each character has 3 representations, namely a drawing, oracle bone script and simplified chinese character. 

Many ways to play - tested by kids and parents!

1. Learn: Divide the card into different themes, and go through the cards, making sense of the representations and drawing relations between the different representations

2. Memory game: Match 2 or 3 different cards of the same character, player with most number of sets win. Can be adapted to different difficulty levels. (Detailed instructions in item pamphlet)

3. Photo hunt: Choose a few modern Chinese characters, and take a photo of the actual item with the characters. Eg match the word 土 with soil at the park, match 云 against the fluffy clouds in the sky. 

4. Guess the word: Guess the Chinese word from the oracle bone script

5. Oracle Bone Script drawings: Use the oracle bone script characters as reference, to draw and colour your own scene or story, eg with a man riding a horse up a hill with trees around, the sun and clouds in the sky - utilising 人,马,山,木,日,云。

6. Use the pretty non-worded side of the cards and make pictures with the shapes eg house, bird

The sky is the limit. Play away!

Here are some ways our friends have used these cards:

Some ways we have used these cards for exploratory studies:

Customer Reviews

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Oracle Bone Matching Card Game

As a non-Mandarin speaker, I've been cracking my head over how to get my daughter interested in the language. Really glad I came across this Oracle Bone Script card set. Love the pictorial & historical approach in introducing kids to some basic Chinese characters.

We've been playing various games to match the cards - I.e, diving into a ball pit, as well as authentic scenarios such as pretending to be a postman mailing the parcel to the right letterbox, or even hanging the laundry out to dry!

It has been very rewarding learning the language alongside my daughter. Thank you @mystorytreasury !

Thank you so much Carol for coming by to share how you have enjoyed these cards with your daughter! Am so inspired that you are taking up the challenge to pick up Mandarin with her. Let's press on together!

甲骨文配配卡 Oracle Bone Script Matching Card Game

Thank you Jo for the rating!