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揭秘汉字 Look Inside Chinese Characters

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This treasure trove of gold is jammed pack with beautiful illustrations, nuggets of information all about Chinese characters, and 120+ inviting flaps! Bound to delight parents and kids who are interested in words

My favourite sections are 生活中的汉字 where we can delve deeper into the basic needs of all humanity, which are 衣,食,住,行. Check out the images for more sneak peeks!

I believe strongly that Mandarin must be meaningful before our kids will want to use it in daily life. Having this awesome resource to talk about how words have evolved to what we read and write today, is very precious to me.

I can see it having lots of mileage. Good for my 4 and 6 year old boys who are starting to be interested in Chinese characters (finally!), or even earlier for exposure! Useful for primary school years to adulthood, to deepen our appreciation of our Chinese culture and heritage.

Recommended for Ages: 3-99
Pages: 16
Format: Hardcover Flap Book
Language: Simplified Chinese
Author: 郭志瑞, 惠旋
Illustrator: 老老老鱼

Customer Reviews

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Making Mandarin come alive today

We refer to this book almost every other day especially when M (4yo) learns a new word in school. We realise it makes her appreciate the language so much more. Plus the depth and interactiveness makes it a learning adventure for our whole family, not just the kids!


This book is not only for children and is a book for adult. An interactive book that capture your attention in finding out more.
Suitable to those who wants to learn more on how chinese character are form.

Thank you Vanessa for your review! Yes, even as an adult, this book is so eye-opening and causes me to want to learn more about the Chinese language.
A beautiful, detailed book for learning ancient Chinese characters

This is a stunningly beautiful book, with in depth explanation and history of how each word came about, their similar characters all categorized by various themes. A must have for those who love Chinese characters!

Thank you Jas for your review. Hope this book has rekindled your love for the Chinese language, as much as it has for me!