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小熊宝宝绘本 Little Bear Series (Set of 15 books)

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Top choice to start a home library of Chinese books!

A wonderful book series for toddlers and young children who need a gentle introduction into reading Chinese books. Children will love the repetition of the language, the adorable animal characters, and the easy to hold books for little hands.

Each book covers a single area such as sleeping, eating, bathing, brushing teeth, wearing clothes, etc. The perfect book set to ease your children into anything Mandarin and build good healthy habits at the same time!

Second set in the series is 《小熊宝宝认知绘本系列》by the same author and illustrator!

Recommended for Ages: 0-5
No. of Books: 15
Pages: 270
Format: Softcover
Language: Simplified Chinese
Author / Illustrator: 佐佐木洋子

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
熊宝宝绘本 Little Bear Series (Set of 15)

Love it. There's not alot of text and lots of receptive words. The illustrations are also really eye catching! Only feedback is I wish it came with some Han Yu Pin Yin sheet at the back with Eng translation for non native Mandarin speakers like myself who are trying to teach Mandarin to my child. :)

小熊宝宝绘本 Little Bear Series

A very cute and simple series. The illustrations are very attractive and children can relate it to their everyday routine. Perfect for younger children.

Thank you Jane for your review! We can't agree more - this set is indeed attractive and relatable!
Simple and yet engaging

My son loves this series a lot. At first, I thought the story was too simple and some sentences are in repetition. But he loves it!!! He can read it like 2-3x per set per day and he applies some of the things mentioned in the book such as asking friends what they have for lunch, requesting tissue after poop, tidy up and said "收起来", etc. It is good to see that he applies what he learns in the book. It is very simple to me but very engaging and beneficial to him. Sometimes i tend to forget the end user is him.so yes, i will recommend this book to young kids!

Dear Irene, thank you for sharing! Love how your son enjoys and uses this set. Priceless when he applies what he learns in the book to real life. Kudos to your efforts in making good books accessible to him! May your son grow to be more confident in Mandarin a little more each day!
Lovely set of books

Very useful for reinforcing routines with the little one. Simple descriptions and graphics easy to follow.

Dear Phoebe, thank you for your review. So glad to know this bookset has been helpful for your family!

My boy loves the cute illustrations and all the friends that little bear has. It's simple to read and understand. Loves that the stories relate to everyday experiences! A must have for 2 year old toddlers!

Thank you Jia Wen for your review. Yes this relatable set is such a treasure for toddlers, to help build their vocabulary, as they learn about the world we live in (: