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我喜欢的身体绘本 My Favorite Body (Set of 8)

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This set of 8 books introduces the science related to your body in a fun and clear way to young children. Questions that the titles will cover include:

  1. Why do we need to brush teeth?
  2. Why do we poop?
  3. Why do we bleed after a fall?
  4. Why do we catch a cold?
  5. Why do we need to eat vegetables? and more.

Recommended for Ages: 2-12
No. of Books: 8
Pages: 216
Format: Softcover
Language: Simplified Chinese
Author: La ZOO
Illustrator: 中村光男
Translated by: 杨怡静
Translated from: Japanese

♫ Listen to 我喜欢的身体绘本 being read aloud on Ximalaya ♫
Note: It is a home recording of a mummy and her child

Here's how we used 牙齿的故事 to encourage my younger son to brush his teeth!

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The other day my younger son (age 4) was resisting the morning routine a little... after a period of silence he asked, "Mama, why do we have to brush our teeth, TWICE a day?" In my mind, I was trying to launch into a long explanation of how plaque builds up on our teeth and how cavities are formed, but I looked at his curious face with slight annoyance, and took a deep breath. How on earth do I motivate this little guy to WANT to brush his teeth daily without overwhelming him with the information? I suddenly remembered that we had 牙齿的故事 stashed away and we dug it out. We had read this title many times before, and immediately zoomed into the pages comparing the little girl and little boy's dental habits at 4 years old. It really hit home for him cos the kids were as old as him! We contrasted the dental habits, and then counted the cavities the little boy had in the following page. "你要像爷爷一样不刷牙,蛀牙多多,还是要像奶奶一样好好刷牙,那牙齿就干干净净,漂漂亮亮的?” It was crystal clear to my son what he had to do. With a silent smile, he immediately proceeded to the bathroom to brush his teeth. No nagging needed! 牙齿的故事 is 1 of 8 detailed and hilarious books of the 我喜欢的身体 bookset, translated from Japanese. Check it out, you won't be disappointed! #morningroutinewoes #teachablemoment #parentingwin #mystorytreasury #chinesekidlit #绘本 #bilingualparents #bilingualkids #sgmummy #sgparents #dropeverythingandread

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Customer Reviews

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My 2yo daughter loves this series of books because of the colorful illustrations as well as the relatability of the topics. A great tool to explain how our bodies work to young kids. I also like how the mandarin used is simple to read and to understand

Thanks D for the review! Yes we agree that this is a wonderful tool to explain how our bodies work for little ones. You will definitely get good mileage out of this set. Happy reading!

My son loves going through this series over and over again especially attracted to the facts about animals are pooing too. I like it covers each topic in depth with simple language and graphics.

Dear Ting Ting, thank you for taking the time to leave a review. Awesome to hear that your son loves reading this series repeatedly, and that you like it too! Looking forward to send your family more good reads in the near future.
Wonderful service and great chinese books

A wonderful collection for my boy to learn more about the different parts of the body. Loads of information and can be used for different ages! Love the great service and customised note by Linxin! :)

Totally agree, this collection is really wonderful and has loads of info, with great mileage! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Jia Wen.
Outstanding service and products

It has been pleasant dealing with Linxin, who dropped me messages very soon after I placed my order, and even personalised stickers addressing to my kids. Books arrived in amazing conditions, and would definitely repurchase. Keep up the good work!!

Thank you Jenny for your kind words and encouragement! It has been a privilege to bring awesome Mandarin reads and a little love to your family through our parcels. Will definitely continue to work hard!
Creative books that make learning fun

My 3 year old daughter loves this series! Attractive illustrations and funny facts that make learning about normal everyday stuff fun. Definitely worth every penny paid. She normally wouldn't ask us to read Mandarin books but ever since getting this series, she asks for it on a daily basis. Thanks too mystorytreasury for the personalised note that came with the books - it was a lovely touch!

Thank you Steph for taking the time to leave a review. So glad to hear that your 3 year old daughter loves this bookset and asks for it everyday! I'm sure it will continue to bring much delight to your family in the weeks ahead. Grateful for the chance to send a little sunshine over along with the parcel!