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Titles with Audio Narration on Free Ximalaya App


We LOVE readalouds! We almost never turn the kids down when they ask to curl up with a good Chinese book. On those days when I am just exhausted, can't wait to crawl into bed, and the kids ask for a book we've read together countless times - Ximalaya audio is a lifesaver

All I have to do is go to the Ximalaya app or, search for the title of the book, and play it. The kids will be happy to flip the pages of the book themselves to match the narrations in the app!

If you have problems searching (it's totally in Mandarin and can be quite a monster to navigate) - just go to the product page on, then scroll down and click on the link to the specific narration. I have spent dozens of hours choosing the most awesome narrations for the books we carry. My commitment to you is to only share amazing resources, and this is no exception.

Audio narrations are awesome for training our ears to be attuned to good enunciations, especially if they are of DJ or theatrical quality! Welcome to the world of Mandarin audio books!