Skritter Singapore Bulk Purchase 2021-2022 FAQ

Updated: 17 Feb 2021


  • This webpage is intended for members of Skritter Bulk Purchase Group (Singapore) who have already purchased their licenses.
  • The information below is posted on behalf of organiser ET Ting
  • This bulk purchase is not affiliated or administered by, or associated with My Story Treasury.
  • For all enquiries on Skritter and this bulk purchase, kindly contact the organiser at



License Code: (To be obtained from ET via Whatsapp chat)

Use it for all the licenses you purchased. 
Expiration Date:  2022-03-17



Make sure you join the Skritter Group!


For people who are renewing, use a browser and put in this code in the Subscription page.  Someone said that the apps keep crashing when you try it in the app.
For new subscribers, when you sign up to Skritter, use the license code as the coupon code and you shouldn’t need to input your CC info.
Remember, this is not a coupon code, it’s the subscription code.


Join the Skritter group (make sure you answer my questions or else I automatically decline!) and ask there.  I inevitably get people who reply to this email and while I don’t mind answering emails, I don’t want to end up being tech support for the same questions.   In the group people can look at archive questions and we can share answers to problems.  
All the instructions for using Skritter will be posted to the Facebook group.  I cannot help you if you don’t join the group.


Here are Skritter’s renewal email to me for some more instructions:
Learn the basics with our Getting Started Docs. Recommend reading for teachers and students alike! Studying on the mobile app? Check out the Skritter Mobile Guide

Applying Activation Code

Use the code above and sign up for an account. Teachers and students all need personal accounts, so be sure to follow these steps to activate study time before downloading mobile apps or using Skritter on the web. Already have an account, no problem!

New Users
  1. Go to
  2. Select "Activation code" as the payment method
  3. Enter the activation code:

Existing Users
  1. Go to
  2. Select "Activation code" as the payment method
  3. Enter the activation code:
Update the expiration date for your account

Need help? Check out this guide


Once an account has been created, log in to the Skritter: Write Chinese and Skritter: Write Japanese apps and study anywhere with the latest features! 



Skritter Classroom

Learn about the power of Skritter Classroom with this 16-minute video on YouTube. Recommend for teachers who need to monitor student study progress! After you've created an account, log in to Skritter Classroom, which can be used to: 
  • Track progress
  • Assign lists
  • Manage student accounts 
Learn about everything you'll need to empower character learning with our Docs guide to Skritter Classroom.

NoteSkritter Docs is home to our FAQ, support docs, and guidelines for all Skritter clients. Have a question? Start there!