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儿童麦克风童谣 Nursery Rhymes with Microphone Soundbook

  • $42.90

 Yet another winner and absolute gem in our collection!

A deluxe soundbook worth every cent.

Our family has been crazy about nursery rhymes and songs of our childhood recently! I think songs and rhymes are one of the best and underused tools to nurture 听说唱 domains in kids and create a fun Mandarin learning environment at home.

My favourite moments with these song soundbooks are definitely

  • having uninterrupted time to cook when the kids listen to songs and learn, then they teach me!
  • when the kids try to follow the text lyrics word-for-word, discover how to read certain words and shout 妈妈!这个读“娃娃”! etc
  • when the kids learn a childhood song of mine by heart (:
  • when the kids enjoy the songs with grandma, and grandma sings along

Each song comes with:

  • Lyrics in clear bold print
  • Beautiful bright illustrations
  • Musical score if you'd like to play the tune out
  • Audio with singing - to listen and sing along. Press "歌谣" Button.
  • Audio, instrumental - for a karaoke session when kids eventually learn the lyrics and tune by heart! Press "音乐" Button.

* No hanyupinyin available

Other features:

  • A huge collection of childhood songs! 20 tunes to be exact! 20 singing tracks + 20 instrumental tracks = 40 different tracks
  • 1x Microphone - Perfect for countless Family Karaoke Sessions! Microphone has on-off button.
  • On-Off Button
  • Volume control Buttons
  • Repeat button! Press "循环" Button after song has started to put on repeat.
  • Stop button. Alternatively, tap on the song button the 2nd time, to stop playing (I really appreciate this for times when I just need the music to stop immediately)
  • Flashing lights! Not too bright, adding just a bit of pizzazz

Recommended for Ages: 1-6
Pages: 50
Format: Hardcover
Language: Simplified Chinese

Songs included:

  1. 两只老虎
  2. 伊比呀呀
  3. 大象
  4. 一个拇指动一动
  5. 三轮车
  6. 小星星
  7. 当我们同在一起
  8. 造飞机
  9. 欢乐歌
  10. 说哈喽
  11. 卡布里岛
  12. 小姑娘
  13. 玩具国
  14. 举你的右手摆一摆
  15. 泥娃娃
  16. 蜜蜂做工
  17. 大公鸡
  18. 牵牛花
  19. 鸽子
  20. 虹彩妹妹

Note: Battery may drain faster, if the switch is not toggled to "off" when not in use.

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A dose of mandarin a day
Great resource for independent play
Best way to learn Chinese!
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