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加古里子的身体科学绘本 Satoshi Kako All About the Human Body (Set of 10)

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If you'd like to explore more about the human body,
and nurture your child's curiosity,
do not miss this!

The author 加古里子 Satoshi Kako has this amazing knack for making kids think. Never spoonfeeding information, but using well-thought out questions to prod us to wonder and discover about this amazing planet which we live in. 

Titles included:

《肚脐眼的秘密》Secret of the Belly Button
《食物的神奇旅行》The Amazing Journey of Food
《牙细菌大冒险》The Adventures of Bacteria in the Mouth
《红、白、蓝色的血》Red, White and Blue Blood
《走、跑、跳》 Walk, Run, Jump
《左手和右手》Left and Right Hands
《我会保护眼睛》I Can Protect My Eyes
《骨头会碎也会折》Bones can Shatter and Break
《我们喜欢新鲜空气》We Love Fresh Air
《聪明的大脑》Smart Brain

Did you know 加古里子 originally trained as an applied chemist and had a successful career a chemical engineer? With intimate knowledge of how things work, he distills solid scientific reasoning and facts to stories that even children can understand. Truly amazing!

At My Story Treasury, we strive to bring you books that have lots of mileage, and nurture a sense of wonder of all of creation. This literary treasure is right up our alley and will be perfect for a lifelong study of the the amazing human body.

Suitable for Ages: 5-12

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Fantastic books

I just bought these set of books last week and it is really good. Very interesting and simple for kids to understand.