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动动手 学华语 Learn Mandarin Through Crafts

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This is a hands-on book written by Professor Aw Guat Poh and her students for local students

  • based on whole language approach
  • to learn through games
  • to develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in Chinese
  • through simple conversational stories
  • with Hanyu Pinyin to aid parents and kids!

It includes stories like

  • 嫦娥奔月 The Legend of Chang E
  • 年的故事 The Story of Nian
  • 后羿射日 Hou Yi Shoots the Sun
  • 囍字的故事 The Story of the Word 囍

and more!

Recommended for Ages: 3-8
Pages: 102
Format: Softcover
Language: Simplified Chinese with hanyu pinyin

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