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华文好好玩 Mandarin Sensory Cards

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The 2nd edition of these cards is out!
Cards vary slightly in appearance to the first set.

We have teamed up with Welcome to the Bright Life - Hello Bao Montessori to bring you their signature 华文好好玩 Mandarin Sensory Cards!

Inspired by the Montessori Method, this set of sensory cards is specially designed to help little ones learn Mandarin in an engaging and hands-on way. Each pack contains 74 cards.

 Ways to use:

  • Trace each stroke and character cut-out to engage in tactile learning
  • Identify and learn Mandarin words step-by-step, starting with strokes before progressing onto characters
  • Name each character and corresponding picture card to deepen understanding
  • Cards are themed according to colour, making it easy for parents and children to match and self-correct
  • Not sure how to pronounce the words? Head to @hellobao_montessori on Instagram for videos! (Coming soon!)

This set of cards is wonderful for toddlers starting on their journey to 识字,写字! My preschooler who is starting on basic strokes 横竖撇捺 and simple words like 口, 门, 一二三四五 etc loves matching the cards in this set. My kindergarten-aged elder boy who likes to fiddle with things - enjoys putting his finger in the grooves to trace the words, refining his 笔顺 along with the numbers to check the sequence.

Definitely a set with mileage, and relatable to daily life.

Here are some ways we have incorporated these sensory cards into our home learning:


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Easy to use and fun!
Perfect learning tool!
Thank you Jaslyn for your review! Yes we adore this learning resource because of how natural it is for kids to explore the strokes. So glad to hear that your daughter enjoyed tracing the cards and you're excited about it too!