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各种各样系列 立体书 All Kinds of Series (Set of 6 Flip Flap Books)

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Initially requested by early childhood educators who were looking for interactive books to tie in with different themes, including my body, my feeling, my home and more!

Learn about ourselves and the world around us in this amazing set of flip flap books! Endearing illustrations capture the attention not only of kids, but adults too. Lots of interactive elements to keep learning interesting. 

Bilingual books help non-Chinese speaking parents enjoy the resource with the children too.


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5/365 #每日共读 #2《各种各样的房屋》All Kinds of Homes Kids' choice Delightful flip flap book! My elder boy spent a long time on the playground bench, looking at the page with different kinds of building materials. Lo and behold! When we turned around, the block of flats behind us uses the exact materials of bricks, concrete and glass he just read about! Love to see the twinkle in his eye as he makes connections between what he reads and how the world works. We saw workers laying rocks and concrete to beautify the outlet drain. At the park, we found a texture wall of different building materials, and compared 滑滑 and 粗粗 surfaces. Could not resist a human whack-a-mole game when we found a wall with holes! While walking home, my elder son asked to see houses made of mud! Last photo: Later in the day, we watched a 11-minute video of a man built this hut in the bush of Queensland Australia, using naturally occurring materials and primitive tools. I love that there is no talking at all, just footage of this man working really hard. So calming to watch, so inspiring. In 3:58-5:10 he makes clay pots to carry water 5:51 he gets water from the river 6:00 starts putting mud to make the walls of the hut Video on Youtube, titled "Primitive Technology: Wattle and Daub Hut" “为什么他要先做屋顶?” “妈妈,他在做杯子吗?” “原来是做桶,去河里拿水!” “用泥土和水,做墙壁!” “看起来很难。” “他在起火!有白色的烟。” “他把树皮拔出来。” “Does he have a camera-man like Bear Grylls?" This man fulfills #1000hoursoutside pretty easily with his hobby! I'm starting to really like these silent videos that allow us to describe what we see in our target language - Mandarin! Part of our popular 各种各样系列 翻翻书 Title available on our webstore ➡️⬅️

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An informative book that gives you information about all kinds of people, houses, etc..
My daughter loves the bright illustrations and the flips of each the windows to see what others are doing and a small baby cradle that can move side to side.

Thank you Vanessa for this review! Glad to hear the little details captivate your daughter's attention!