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君伟上小学 Jun Wei Goes to Primary School (Set of 6)

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Hear all about Jun Wei's adventures in his Taiwanese primary school!
From funny happenings in class, hilarious stuff his classmates say and his parents' advice for him.
The books also touch on plenty of school-related topics like recycling, vulgarities, vaccination, writing a letter to a friend, school holidays, receiving awards and many more.

Bound to elicit lots of laughter!

Each book contains 17-33 mini stories,
that are about 2-7 pages long.
Suitable for short bedtime readalouds,
and we can go on for as short or as long as we'd like.

Titles include:

  • 1年级鲜事多
  • 2年级问题多
  • 3年级花样多
  • 4年级烦恼多
  • 5年级意见多
  • 6年级怪事多

About the author:

Wang Shufen has experience as an art education, TV show presenter, award-winning children's author, newspaper columnist and more! She has partnered with the amazing 赖马 (the author and illustrator of 十二生肖的故事!) to illustrate this set of books.

Recommended for Ages: 7 and up
(Parent-child reading for ages 7-9,
independent reading for ages 10 and up)
Number of books: 6
Number of pages: Between 119-155 per book
Format: Softcover 
Language: Simplified Chinese

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