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字然课 Word Creatures

  • $17.90

The "Word Creatures" picture book, selects 24 representative oracle bone inscriptions close to the children's life, and weaves rhymes and rhythms around them. Each poem is accompanied by beautiful illustrations, rich colors, cute styles.

The book comes with an animation cartoon too, which kids can enjoy while learning Chinese characters! The animation can be browsed in snippets for each character, or in its entirety at 15minutes.

Recommended for Ages: 3-9
Pages: 66
Format: Hardcover
Language: Simplified Chinese
Comes with: Animation with Audio, Scan QR code with accompanying booklet
Author: 李进文

Customer Reviews

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Captivating book

The little poems and colorful pictures are enough to capture the attention of my 3yo. Good quality book!

Thank you Liyun for taking time to share your review! Happy to know your 3 year old enjoys this!