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启蒙认知 双语贴纸书 Bilingual Sticker Books (Set of 5)

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Stickers stickers stickers! This series of sticker books feature over 400 realistic stickers with corresponding Chinese and English labels, perfect for introducing and reinforcing vocabulary.

Perfect for engaging little ones while waiting at a restaurant, rainy days at home or as a simple bonding activity.

What I like most about these sticker books are the real life photos, that kids can correlate to what they see around them!

These are definitely Montessori friendly.

Sticker books in this series

  • Colours & Shapes
  • Nature
  • Letters & Numbers
  • Animals (Book 1)
  • Animals (Book 2)

Recommended for Ages: 0-3, but 3-6 may enjoy them too!

Books in set: 5
Format: Softcover
Language: Simplified Chinese, English

Customer Reviews

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Stickers are not reusable. Definitely need to guide child in pasting the stickers correctly as some stickers require you to know the species and breed although the silhouettes in the sticker books provide some guidance.