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小小的我 Little Me

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I am little. Many things I don't do it well yet, but one day I will master them. Slowly, I will be able to do it. Now, I'm still learning! 

In the busyness of life, rushing from one appointment to another, adhering to routines and schedules, it is inevitable to feel rushed or hurry our kids to do the next task or learn a new skill.

At one point, we would all have oversized clothes for our kids waiting to be worn. Before we know it, the clothes fit them perfectly, and soon become too small for their growing frame. Our babies grow up way too fast!

This book shows us we should slow down, and give our kids the gift of time. Time to discover, to savour each stage. Time to try, time to grow, time to fail and succeed. After all, we were once little.

Recommended for Ages: 1-5
Pages: 32
Format: Hardcover
Language: Simplified Chinese
Author: 笠井真理
Illustrator: 冈田千晶
Translator: 田秀娟
Translated from: Japanese

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For every little girl growing up

My 3yo girl loves this precious story about the little girl growing up and the struggles she faces. How to talk to strangers. Clothing that dont fit and more. Real issues illustrated so simply and from a little girl's pov. Highly recommend it.