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小玻系列翻翻书 Spot The Dog Flip Flap Book Series (Set of 18)

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Bilingual book of fun!

Fun Fact: In 1976, Eric's son Christopher was born. Eric was inspired to create a story of a puppy incorporating a flap design, after noticing Christopher's fascination with lifting paper flaps.

A series that appeals to the little ones! Adorable illustrations and interactive elements make these books irresistible to little ones.

Join Spot and his friends on their adventures round the year, and learn about a myriad of topics together.

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Titles include:

  1. 小玻在哪里
  2. 小玻去看外公外婆
  3. 小玻去上学
  4. 小玻去农场
  5. 小玻给爸爸烤生日蛋糕
  6. 小玻会数数了
  7. 小玻去度假
  8. 小玻去公园
  9. 小玻的小妹妹
  10. 小玻过生日
  11. 小玻去散步
  12. 小玻去马戏团
  13. 小玻的第一个圣诞节
  14. 谁在哪儿,小玻?
  15. 小玻说晚安
  16. 小玻参加化妆舞会
  17. 复活节的彩蛋在哪里?
  18. 小玻在朋友家过夜

Check out for Spot colouring sheets and extension activities!

Recommended for Ages: 0-6
Pages: 396
Format: Softcover with flaps
Language: Simplified Chinese and English, Bilingual
Author: (英)艾力克•希尔 Eric Hill
Translated from: English
Translated by: 彭懿

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