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性别常识 互动游戏书 Learning about Genders

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Keep little hands busy and their minds thinking, with this interactive title.

When kids start to ask about the difference between boys and girls, or when they are curious why boys stand to pee while girls sit down - it may be a signal for us parents to start sex education!

A rule of thumb, introduce anatomical names of private parts from the start, and explain the need for mutual respect! There is no need to be too graphic or too detailed, but we can use books as springboards for conversations, to share factual information to protect our kids.

Some topics for discussion, from this amazing and interactive title:

  • Are there male and female plants?
  • Where do babies come from?
  • How do babies grow in the mummy's tummy?
  • What makes a boy or girl? Simple explanation on DNA
  • DIfferent body parts in different genders
  • How our body changes over time, from infancy, to childhood, puberty, adulthood and old age
  • How to take care of our bodies eg don't hold our pee, shower often etc
  • Interacting with members of the opposite sex
  • Good touch and bad touch
  • What to do when we meet a person who makes you feel uncomfortable or puts you into danger
  • Getting married and setting up families

and many more!

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Additional resources:
PDF download for this awesome PDF handout by SIngapore Children's Society for caregivers and parents to safeguard our children from sexual abuse.

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