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成语故事 水墨画 Idiom Stories in Watercolors with Hanyu Pinyin (Set of 30)

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A set of 30 books covering 60 Chinese idiom stories, including 对牛弹琴,画蛇添足,半途而废,班门弄斧,磨杵成针 and more!

Why we like it

  • Covers a good range of idiom stories
  • The language used here is a little more descriptive
    and suited for primary school children.
  • Lots of beautiful phrases and idioms that we can use in our speech and compositions!
  • The illustrations are really lovely, in classic Chinese watercolours!
  • Definitely Montessori-friendly too.
    Content is realistic and most all are based on human characters,
    not kiddy or cartoonish.
  • In every book, there's a section on 成语接龙.
    It's so interesting to know that there are so many idioms out there!
  • Every story comes with very clear and lovely audio narration, via QR code at the back of each book

Recommended for Ages: 6-12
No. of Books: 30
No. of stories per book: 2
Pages:  22 per book
Format: Softcover
Language: Simplified Chinese with Hanyu Pinyin

Customer Reviews

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Ziya Ang

Not too lengthy perfect to read to my 4 yr old. Highly recommended