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我们的太空 Our Outer Space

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 Space lovers and astronaut wannabes, don't miss this!

Why we love this book

  • Many interactive flaps and mechanisms - perfect for little hands to explore, and one of the most interesting parts we've ever seen
  • Pages are of excellent quality, secured with ring binding for easy flipping
  • Covers many subtopics in vivid detail
  • Has tons of mileage for multiple siblings and many years

Topics covered

  • Constellations
  • Day and night
  • Planets
  • International Space Station

and more!

One of our favourite parts is the 2D earth model that can be made into 3D by pulling on the strings! Super cool.

 Suitable for ages 4 and up

Extension activities

  • Check out to learn more about local weather!
  • Go for stargazing sessions on 3rd and 4th fridays every month, 7-10pm at The Science Centre Observatory, minimum age 7

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