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我爱蔬菜系列 I Love Vegetables - Radish - Individual Copies

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Note: Only Book 6 大块头萝卜 Big Radishes is left!


We absolutely adore this set of books with gorgeous watercolor illustrations!

Set of 4 includes:

  1. 红通通的番茄 Red Tomatoes
  2. 卷啊卷 卷心菜 Rolled Up Cabbage
  3. 油亮亮的茄子 Shiny Brinjals
  4. 圆鼓鼓的土豆 Roundish Potatoes
  5. 胖墩墩的南瓜 Plump Pumpkins
  6. 大块头萝卜 Big Radishes

This will be a great resource to learn all about various vegetables, whether or not your child eats them or likes them!

Recommended for Ages: 2-12
Format: Hardcover
Language: Simplified Chinese
Author: 岩佐祐子
Translated from: Japanese

Just to share some videos we can watch while learning about vegetables!


An interesting video about a family living in a village in China, cooking brinjals. It's heartwarming to see their interactions across 4 generations!

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Beautiful visuals, realistic artwork

Both my infant and preschooler enjoy going through this book, which has beautiful realistic drawings. It's a good tool for teaching them the origin of food and how they grow.