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我的第一本职业体验游戏书 My First Occupations Interactive Books (Set of 4)

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Come and experience a little more of what it is like behind-the-scenes in different jobs like being a fireman, chef, doctor and police officer.

We heartily recommend this set, filled with little games, lots of conversation starters peppered on every single page!

I love how much depth into each profession they go, and gives so much fodder for pretend play and imagination! Things you can learn:

  • A fireman's job involves putting out fires, helping people out in emergencies like typhoons, floods and earthquakes
  • What does it take for a person to be a chef? 要勤劳早起哦!能分辨食物的味道。要了解各种食物。身体要健康。又是不小心会受伤,但要勇敢坚持住噢!
  • Get to know the different people working in a restaurant's kitchen and how each of them plays a part in the bigger scheme of things, to make every diner happy!
  • Learn to find out which is the real crook out of 4 suspects at an identity parade, through his physical characteristics 黄头发,高个子,有点瘦;穿着条纹裤,戴着眼镜,留着胡须

and so much more!

Titles in set:
  1. 我是消防员 I Am A Fireman
  2. 我是厨师 I Am A Chef
  3. 我是医生 I Am A Doctor
  4. 我是警察 I Am A Police Officer

IMPORTANT: Please take care to teach your child the relevant local numbers for emergencies! In Singapore we dial 999 for Police, and 995 for Fire, and so on.

Customer Reviews

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Simple and fun

Bought this for my 5 year old son. He enjoyed it! There were so many things to do in each book. Puzzles, crafts... and the simple words make it easy to understand.