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爱的表白书 Love you Books (Set of 10)

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These lovely books by Emma Dodd about the unconditional love between parents and children have such a special place in my heart.

They make an excellent gift for a young child!

Her illustrations are so adorable and reflect the sweet love we share with family. The accompanying words are always heartfelt, sometimes even bringing a tear to my eyes, reading to my kids who are growing up so fast and may not fit into my lap for much longer.

We had some tender moments reading these books after some quarrels with my kids - it helped us repair the rift. Reading these books remind us that deep inside, we love each other, we will always have each other’s backs, and our love will carry us through the toughest moments in life.



Suitable for ages 1 and above

Customer Reviews

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Chris Tan
Very pretty set of books

Bought as a gift - very adorable illustrations between parent animals and baby animals. Perfect gift for families with newborns as the text is very loving.

A heartwarming series

Bought this series as a gift. Each book is well illustrated with cute animals and heartwarming scenes. The words are poetic and simple for kids to help them understand that love can be shown in various ways and through different expressions and actions. Lovely series!