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童谣欢唱绘本 Childhood Songs Soundbook

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Our family has been crazy about nursery rhymes and songs of our childhood recently! I think songs and rhymes are one of the best and underused tools to nurture 听说唱 domains in kids and create a fun Mandarin learning environment at home.

My favourite moments with these song soundbooks are definitely

  • having uninterrupted time to cook when the kids listen to songs and learn, then they teach me!
  • when the kids try to follow the text lyrics word-for-word, discover how to read certain words and shout 妈妈!这个读“走”! etc
  • when the kids learn a childhood song of mine by heart (:
  • when the kids enjoy the songs with grandma, and grandma sings along

Each song comes with:

  • Lyrics in clear bold print
  • Hanyu pinyin
  • Beautiful bright illustrations
  • Musical score if you'd like to play the tune out
  • Audio with singing - to listen and sing along
  • Audio, instrumental - for a karaoke session when kids eventually learn the lyrics and tune by heart!

Other features:

  • Volume control
  • Tap on the song button the 2nd time, to stop playing (I really appreciate this for times when I just need the music to stop immediately)

Recommended for Ages: 1-6
Pages: 33
Format: Hardcover
Language: Simplified Chinese

Songs included:

1 郊游
2 太阳出来了
3 捕鱼歌
4 哈巴狗
5 布谷
6 春神来了
7 猜拳歌
8 十个印第安人
9 丑小鸭
10 伊比丫丫
11 鱼儿鱼儿水中游
12 家
13 茉莉花
14 快乐向前走
15 王老先生有块地
16 泼水歌

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