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胡萝卜的种子 The Carrot Seed

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When a little boy decides to plant a carrot seed, everyone tells him that it won't grow. The little boy stands his ground against the objections, knowing that one day a carrot will come up. He waters the plant and pulls up the weeds, and waits. In the end, the carrot comes up. 

This classic story shows the importance of patience and lends to discussions on individuality and standing our ground. Little ones learn the steps of planting too!

Recommended for Ages: 2-6
Pages: 32
Format: Hardcover
Language: Simplified Chinese
Author: 露丝•克劳斯 Ruth Krauss 
Illustrator: 克罗格特•约翰逊  Crockett Johnson
Translated by: 李剑敏
Translated from: English

Customer Reviews

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Good book to practice reading Chinese in context

Initially, I was skeptical about translation of good classics like The Carrot Seed. However after reading it, I love it that the text is simple, with some repetition, which is important for early readers to practice without boring them. Translation was also accurate and straightforward, just like how The Carrot Seed was presented. If you are looking to kickstart home learning, introduction to Chinese, or looking for a reader-like book for your child to learn and practice new words, 《胡萝卜的种子》 definitely makes the mark. The book can be used to accompany lots of carrot- and botany-themed activities which is timely for the season of Spring. We took up the challenge to row to 《胡萝卜的种子》 AND The Carrot Seed (borrowed the English version from the library).

Thank you Tiffany for your honest review! We are picky too about translations - sometimes it comes out wonky, the Mandarin doesn't rhyme like the English, or some wordings may not reflect the original language accurately. Thanks for giving this title a shot, and your seal of approval! Love your ideas to extend the book, making it a worthy investment.