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贴纸书 Sticker Book Ages 3-6 (Set of 8)

  • $17.90

Stickers stickers stickers! This series of brightly coloured and adorably illustrated books are sure to attract the attention of little ones.

Awesome resource to engage the reluctant learner to listen and maybe even speak more Mandarin!

Recommended for Ages: 0-3, but 3-6 may enjoy them too!

Pages: 128
Books in set: 8
Format: Softcover
Language: Simplified Chinese

Customer Reviews

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Great stickers book

My son loves the sticker books and we usually finish the entire book in one go.
It’s useful as I interact with him using mandarin and a great fun way for him to take the stickers out and paste it on the book at the same time speaking mandarin whilst doing so!

Thanks Diane for sharing how these books have been useful for your family! Gives us fuel to continue working hard to bring in such resources (: