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迪士尼经典电影 双语故事 Classic Disney Movie Collection - Bilingual (Set of 15)

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Calling all Disney lovers!

Here's a set of books featuring scenes and stories
from 15 different movies for screen-free entertainment.


  • Bilingual
  • Mandarin translation is well-written with descriptive language and idioms that we can learn from and incorporate in our own speech and writing 
  • Each 2-page spread has 2-5 focus terms in both English and Mandarin


  • These stories are condensed and abridged versions of the movies

Titles include:

  • 狮子王 Lion King
  • 赛车总动员 Cars
  • 冰雪奇缘 Frozen
  • 白雪公主和七个小矮人 Snow White
  • 玩具总动员 Toy Story
  • 魔发奇缘 Tangled
  • 无敌破坏王 Wreck-It Ralph
  • 疯狂动物城 Zootopia
  • 超能陆战队 Big Hero 6
  • 海底总动员1 寻找尼莫 Finding Nemo
  • 海底总动员2 多莉去哪儿 Finding Dory
  • 爱丽丝梦游仙境 Alice in Wonderland
  • 勇敢传说 Brave
  • 头脑特工队 Inside Out
  • 仙履奇缘 Cinderella


  • Read these before or after watching the animations!
  • Some of these movies may be available in your area via Disney+ with Chinese audio and subtitles. Note: The audio and subtitles may not always match.
  • There are some Chinese songs related to these movies on Spotify!

Recommended for Ages: 3 and up
Pages: 48 each
Number of books: 15
Format: Softcover
Language: Simplified Chinese and English
Translated from: English
Translated by: Various

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