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音律启蒙 童谣 立体互动有声书 Nursery Rhymes Interactive Soundbook

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We love this soundbook very much, and it has accompanied us on many long rainy afternoons!

There are 20 Nursery Rhymes, many with recited version and song version too!

My youngest toddler has picked up many songs on her own,
and surprise us all by singing tunes that even we're not familiar with!

Songs included within:

  • 找朋友
  • 两只老虎
  • 拔萝卜
  • 种太阳
  • 数鸭子
  • 小兔子乖乖
  • 小燕子
  • 分果果
  • 小老鼠上灯台
  • 读书郎
  • 蜗牛与黄鹂鸟
  • 捉泥鳅
  • 一只哈巴狗
    and more!

If a child is interested and repeats a particular song over and over again,
it's a fantastic time to pick up on the high interest
and expand the Mandarin learning through related books, videos and conversations!

Recommended for Ages: 0-6
Pages: 41
Format: Hardcover
Language: Simplified Chinese


  • Some songs can be a little bit high-pitched. We still enjoy it nevertheless, and this soundbook has provided my kids with many hours of screen-free entertainment.
  • There is no volume button, so sometimes if we need the songs to be softer, we will put a piece of tape or post-it to cover the speaker.

For overseas orders - sound book will be provided without batteries in accordance with shipping regulations. (2x AAA batteries required)

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