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中国经典故事 Classic Chinese Tales - with Hanyu Pinyin (Set of 20)

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Acquaint yourself with famous Chinese legends and stories that shape Chinese values and culture. You may have heard of some in your own childhood, come discover more with your child today!

Illustrated with beautiful watercolours, a feast for the eyes!

Recommended for Ages: 4-9
No. of Books: 20
Pages: 32 per book
Format: Softcover
Language: Simplified Chinese with Hanyu Pinyin
Author: 范梦博

We incorporated one of the books into our exploratory study on 草:


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🌾 Our exploratory study on 草,花 🌻 Read《 汉字是画出来的》 to see the evolution of the characters 草 and 花, learnt 草字头 Learnt a rhyme about 花 in 《字然课》 Used home-made stamps with a foam sheet and recycled cardboard to make a picture with the words 草,花,叶 Made pizza together for lunch, and wrote out the names of the ingredients, turns out many had 草字头!Had fun observing and identifying which characters have 草字头, and what it means Learnt about the legend of 神农尝百草 in 《中国经典故事》 Classic Chinese Tales - with Hanyu Pinyin (Set of 20). Had an interesting conversation with both boys about how to distinguish between myths and real stories. How can 神农氏 test a myriad of flowers and plant parts and get poisoned hundreds of times but still survive? Reminisced our recent nature walks where we talked about different height of grass. The boys noticed many times that grass that grows in the most unexpected of places, like in between tiles at the carpark and the side of drains! Reminds me of the Tang Poem 《赋得古原草送别》by 白居易, We recited the first two lines: “离离原上草,一岁一枯荣。 野火烧不尽,春风吹又生。” Even after a huge blaze, they are not destroyed - when spring comes, it grows again! 生命力好顽强! Also brings to mind an old song 《小草》 by 刘文正 I heard in my childhood! My younger boy found it funny that the little grass shakes its head in the wind and he asked to listen to the song again! 大风起 把头摇一摇 风停了 又挺直腰 大雨来 弯着背让雨浇 雨停了 抬起头 站直脚 不怕风 不怕雨 立志要长高 小草实在是并不小

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
中国经典故事 Classic Chinese Tales - with Hanyu Pinyin

The Hanyu Pinyin makes it so much easier for the kids to kickstart their reading journey. The kids enjoyed the stories v much!

Kai Yun Tan
Good series key to understanding Chinese culture

Chinese culture cannot be divorced from the many folk tales we have, and introducing these stories is very much part of building a strong foundation in Chinese. For instance, the saying 八仙过海,各显神通, makes more sense and is memorable after going through the story.

I love how the series is comprehensive and covers many of the key tales, in simple enough language. It has hanyu pinyin for those who may not be fluent in Chinese. One drawback is that because it is so abbreviated, sometimes the author assumes the reader already knows all the characters in the story, and in a tale with multiple characters, using 八仙过海 again as an example, it can be confusing to a child to see so many characters introduced in a short time.

Anne Lok

I read to a 3 yr old child, although the words were difficult for her, but she was interested as it was interactive and created an opportunity to converse in Mandarin. She asked for more stories the next day!

Janice Gan

Great stories to read for children