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幸福小鸡系列 Happy Little Chicks (Set of 6)

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These 5 little chicks are really blessed! Join them on daily adventures at the supermarket, on a camping trip, celebrating birthdays and more!

This bookset has read countless times by us, since the day it entered our home. We highly recommend it for your family, and let me tell you why.


  • Simple text which are easy to pick up, the kids can remember them after several reads. The sentences contain lots of high-frequency words which help budding readers gain confidence. For an emerging writer, this set is excellent for copywork!
  • What makes this set absolutely stellar are its detailed illustrations that span through the various books! Observant children will notice that the Mama Hen used the same brown basket while shopping in 《幸福小鸡逛超市》 and brought it along to the bakery in 《幸福小鸡过生日》. My kids were amused to find that the chicks' birthday present 天文望远镜 that Papa bought from the toy shop in 《幸福小鸡去露营》was shared with the chicks' new friends on their camping trip in 《幸福小鸡去露营》. The hedge maze in 《幸福小鸡去游园》 is so fun and it reminds of mazes we've played in at  Jacob Ballas Children's Garden and Labrador Park playground!
  • There are lots of environmental print in the pages. My kids keep asking me "妈妈, 这是什么" / "Mama, what's this in Chinese?" to find out what the words on the pages mean. They learnt to read 布丁 since it's the little chicks' favorite, and picked up 嘻嘻哈哈超市 which appeared on the signboard of the supermarket in 《幸福小鸡逛超市》 and also on the handheld fan in 《幸福小鸡去露营》 which Papa used to help the fire get started! In the book 《幸福小鸡过圣诞》, Papa made a special drink, using 冰淇淋 and 柠檬苏打水 and 瓶装樱桃 on the top.
  • Highly relatable to daily life. These are great fodder for daily conversations or lots of pretend play. My kids can identify with the scenes that are in the set! The lines in the books are short and easy to memorise! When I go to the supermarket I'll reference what the Mama Hen said, "今天要去超市买东西,买什么好呢?" and sometimes they'd burst out in "不行,不行--请等一等!请等一等!" during the day, just like how Mama Hen shouted in 《幸福小鸡逛超市》 when they kids were at the checkout counter with items that Mama didn't approve of. My boys often mention the 幸福小鸡 scenes along our day and it never fails to bring a smile. A teachable moment came the other day, when my younger son spotted a poisonous mushroom near our home, just like how 幸福小鸡 picked poisonous mushrooms while camping - we learnt 毒蘑菇,不能吃! 
  • Full of heartwarming scenes of daily family life. Scenes show the simple joys of celebrating birthdays, playing hide-and-seek with friends, going on a camping trip and sleeping in a tent, choosing desserts at a bakery, Mama reading a book to them at bedtime, Papa and Mama spending some time admiring the scenery after the chicks have fallen asleep in the tent, and more!

Titles included:

  1. 《幸福小鸡逛超市》 Happy Little Chicks Go To the Supermarket
  2. 《幸福小鸡过圣诞》 Happy Little Chicks Celebrate Christmas
  3. 《幸福小鸡去游园》 Happy Little Chicks Go To the Amusement Park
  4. 《幸福小鸡过生日》 Happy Little Chicks Celebrate Their Birthday
  5. 《幸福小鸡去露营》 Happy Little Chicks Go Camping
  6. 《幸福小鸡去外婆家》 Happy Little Chicks Go To Their Grandma's

Get your set and enjoy poring over the illustrations together!

Additional resources upon purchase:

  • 🔊 Audio narration of all 6 books

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Recommended for Ages: 1-6
Pages: 168
Format: Hardcover
Language: Simplified Chinese
Author: [日]工藤纪子
Translated from: Japanese
Translated by: 彭懿

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
it's a really cute series

the drawings are very detailed and mimics daily life, so it's easy to converse around the pictures with my 3 year old. would have loved it even more if the characters are humans and not animals but i usually try to be conscientious and tell my little one that animals don't do this in real life and it's the illustrator's imagination.

Absolutely adorable!

Thank you so so much Linxin for this recommendation! This is our first introduction to Japanese authors and we are sold :D love the environmental print and beautiful graphics in the books (my girl goes wowww whenever she sees the birthday cakes), and also the emphasis on family togetherness. Cannot wait to get the 企鹅 series already!

Thank you Lynn for taking the time to leave a review! So excited, to know that this set brings your family much joy! So so glad to know that we've helped your family discover more fun reads, to make Mandarin be fun and come alive (:


This is yet another excellent series by this author - ordinary family life activities that are so relatable to children of any age. The one at the 超级市场 is exceptionally loved by my 2 year old son who always discovers new food items when we read the book 😆 He also loves the 过生日 one because which child doesn’t like birthdays?! Cannot recommend this series enough!

Thank you Vanessa for your lovely review! Really happy to know that your family enjoys these books (:

Linda Lee

I love the warm fuzzy feeling when reading this set to my boy as it shows the simple events in his life but yet highlights how enjoyable these are! Like shopping, celebrating special events and going camping! Most importantly, it shows family life and togetherness, which is what every family is all about.


Ordered this set as I was attracted to the illustration. My 2 year old loves this series and will ask us to read with her. She picked up new Chinese vocab through reading. Highly recommended!