Mandarin Leveled Readers (Set of 50)

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If you want to help your child in his or her bilingual journey but struggle with the language yourself, do not be dismayed!

We bring to you 5 sets of Mandarin graded readers with Hanyu Pinyin support.

The authors are Chinese teachers in international schools, who do a great job of pacing the learning, and tailoring the lessons to stimulate interest. The best parts are that many phrases in the books relate to daily life and are very practical - right after learning, we can immediately use it in our daily conversations. Win!

What we love about this series is that it starts from the absolute basic Mandarin terms and assumes no prior knowledge of Mandarin! This works well for many children with a strong foundation in English but need work in the Mandarin department. This is perfect for you to start learning alongside your child - it will also give a lot of motivation to your child, to have someone to learn together.

Watch your own confidence build and your child's interest soar in Mandarin!

Each leveled reader has the following sections:

  • the story in Simplified Chinese text with Hanyu Pinyin on each page - perfect for the parent who needs the extra support!
  • 中文对照 Chinese-English Version - with English and Chinese text together
  • 我会讲故事 Storytelling with Pictures - illustrations laid out so the child can recount the story
  • 词汇表 Vocabulary - to introduce new words and terms
  • 我会人汉字 I Can Read the Characters - Just pictures and Chinese words, without Hanyupinyin, for the confident reader!
  • 我会描汉字 Trace the Characters - Learn the strokes that make up words used in the story
  • 我会涂颜色,描汉字 Find out and trace the characters, then colour the picture - Hide and Seek fun with coloring page

5 levels, 10 books each.

Recommended for Ages: 0-6
Pages: 220 /set
Format: Hardcover
Language: Simplified Chinese with Hanyu Pinyin, Bilingual
Author: 鲍思冶
Translated by: 范逊敏

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