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娜娜好习惯系列 Nana Has Good Habits (Set of 4)

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Follow Nana as she learns good habits.

Charlotte Mason, a wise educator from England in the 20th century, likened good habits to rails on which our children's lives could run smoothly. It is our business as parents to lay down those rails of good habits, to set our children up for lives of discipline and productivity, especially when we're no longer around!

Titles in Set and Samples of Interactive Elements

1. 娜娜的早晨 Nana's Morning

  • Nana's mum comes through the door to wake her up and remind her it's time to leave the house
  • Tying the curtain
  • Folding blanket
  • Brushing teeth
  • Washing face
  • Zipping bag closed
  • Fastening the velcro on shoes

2. 娜娜穿衣服 Nana puts on her clothes

  • Tying shoelaces
  • Buttoning
  • Tying a neck scarf
  • Wearing a face mask
  • Securing velcro for snow gloves

3. 娜娜打扫房间 Nana cleans her room

  • Flipping a book on things needed to clean a room
  • Wiping table with a cloth
  • Tidying up bookshelf
  • Pushing in chair, under the table
  • Folding shirt and keeping it in the wardrobe
  • Sweeping the floor

4. 娜娜拉便便 Nana goes to the washroom

  • Pulling down underwear
  • Pulling out toilet paper
  • Flushing the toilet before washing hands
  • Wearing underwear

Recommended for Ages: 2-6
Pages: 12
Books in set: 4
Format: Board book with Interactive elements
Language: Simplified Chinese
Editor: 陈长海

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Not just for girls

I was hesitant at first as the main character is a girl, however I was pleasantly surprised my boy as he took to the book with such interest! The book has many pull/flaps/interactive bits that's lovely and well executed.

Inspiring for my toddler

Great for advocating good habits! My toddler is highly encouraged to learn how to put on her clothes, shoes and even wipe after herself!

Karen Wong
Two thumbs up! Lovely illustrations and engaging read!

I have been reading to my toddler this books since she was 2 and one year on, she will look for Nana in the morning when she wakes up! She also enjoys flipping thru the colourful and realistic illustrations on her own and will read out loud certain scenes, this is how much she loves this series! Excellent and engaging introduction of daily habits to kids. Highly recommended!

Toddler loves it!

High quality interactive book. Toddler loves it! She could relate to it wel as her day to day activities. She’s been starting each day with 娜娜 ever since we got the book. Clean, realistic and beautiful illustration! I wonder if they come in “boy version”.