Board Book Encyclopedia for Little Ones (Set of 2)

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This is a wonderful set of board books for any baby and toddler, filled with realistic images on distinct backgrounds. I love how the layout is simple and helps little ones learn new vocabulary effectively. The simple sentences are great bite-size conversation starters! Perfect for parents who are keen to start introducing Mandarin words and simple phrases to their little ones.

My 4 and 6 year old could not help flipping through the pages to see the beautiful photographs, and asking me what the Mandarin terms are. It boosts their confidence when they can read many of the words they see!

The sturdy board book format is awesome for chubby little fingers to flip, and can withstand a little rough handling from the young ones! The rounded corners add a nice touch.

Set includes:

  1. 启蒙认知100词 100 First Words
  2. 数字颜色形状 Numbers Colors Shapes
  3. 快乐宝贝认动物 Happy Baby Animals
  4. 快乐宝贝学单词 Happy Baby Words

Ways to use the books:

I highly suggest introducing the Mandarin terms alongside real-life concrete objects as much as possible, and using these terms in meaningful day-to-day situations, to make the language come alive!

Try not to "test" the child too much, and possibly turn him or her away from the language! The more you speak and read, naturally they'll pick up more.

For toddler and older kids, you can play an I-spy game. Eg 找找看,找找看,我们来找一件红色的东西。

Recommended for Ages: 0-5 and beyond!
Pages: 104
Books in set: 4
Format: Board Book
Language: Simplified Chinese
Author: Roger Priddy
Translated from: English
Translated by: 张芳

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