[Slightly Dented] 我们的身体 Our Bodies Interactive Book

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Note: Books have slight dents. Photos are for illustrative purposes of content.

Being trained in healthcare, this title makes me extremely excited. I wish that I had this title when growing up, and while learning about body systems in a hands-on and fun way! 

Why we love this book

  • Many interactive flaps and mechanisms - perfect for little hands to explore, and one of the most interesting parts we've ever seen
  • Pages are of excellent quality, secured with ring binding for easy flipping
  • Covers many body systems in vivid detail
  • Has tons of mileage for multiple siblings and many years

Topics covered:

  • 生命的开始 Life Begins 
  • 宝宝的出生 A Baby is Born
  • 成长 Growing Up
  • 肌肉 Muscles
  • 骨骼 Bones
  • 心脏和血液 Heart and Blood
  • 呼吸 Breathing
  • 消化 Digestion
  • 大脑 Brain
  • 五种感官 Five Senses
  • 嘴巴 Mouth
  • 生病 Getting Ill
  • 身体的防护网 The Body's  Defenses
  • 皮肤 Skin

One of my 5 year old's favorite parts is the page of the baby in the womb, surrounded by amniotic fluid. It's so cool to have an actual bubble of water to show the baby within the amniotic sac!

There's a touch-and-feel panel with different textures which is really interesting to run our fingers through.

There is even a transparent page that shows the veins and arteries in the blood system. Geeking out a little and explaining to the kids that arteries contain oxygen-rich blood which is bright red, and veins contain blood with less oxygen which looks dark red. In books and drawings, arteries and veins are colored differently as red and blue for distinction.

As for me, I like the page  where it describes the digestive system, how food changes its state and moves along till it becomes poop. The interactive features are really well thought out!

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