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第一个圣诞节 The First Christmas

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This our go-to book for introducing the real reason for Christmas to our kids!

Was fun to read the story multiple times in the days leading up to Christmas, and do a different craft each time, learning the Mandarin terms for different components of the story!

We learnt some Mandarin terms while reading and crafting together, like:

  • 伯利恒 Bólìhéng - Bethlehem
  • 马厩 Mǎjiù - Stable - the place where horses are kept
  • 马槽 cáo - Manger - the horses' feeding trough
  • 羊 Sheep

Written and illustrated by Rod Campbell, the creator of Dear Zoo!

Suitable for ages 1 and up.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Emma @ LahLahBanana
Faith-based Christmas book

Written and illustrated board book by the same author who wrote Dear Zoo!, so it has a slightly familiar look and feel about it. It actually reminds me most of Rod Campbell’s “Aussie Animals” and “Oh Dear” books.

It’s a simple and warm retelling of the Christmas Nativity Story. Sentences are simple, and it’s nice to read the book and learn/recognise some less commonly used Mandarin terms relating to the Nativity. We love this Christmas season for good reason, and this book helps to explain it. A lovely faith-based Christmas book, appropriate pre-schoolers.

Yi Ting
Beautifully & succinctly translated Nativity story!

A wonderful and succinct Christmas nativity story in Mandarin. I love the beautiful Mandarin translation in this book and the new vocabulary my toddler daughter picked up from there. It’s her favourite bedtime story book since 2 weeks before Christmas when we first presented it to her, up till now - 3 weeks after Christmas! We love the graphics too.. And even used it as inspiration to recreate a nativity scene craft on a Christmas play date! Awesome buy!

Beautiful Christmas book!

Both my son and daughter love this Chinese Christmas book, and we highly recommend it for young children! Great quality, too - very sturdy!


Excellent book to read to the babies on the very first Christmas in Chinese! Quality board books and nice colours!

Thank you for your review, PY. We love how sturdy and beautiful this is, too!