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儿童新唱计划: 我们的儿歌画故事 The Nursery Rhymes Project 1, 2 &3: Paint Our Songs (Set of 3)

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Can you guess the missing lyrics?

蓝蓝的天空银河里,有只 ___ ___ ___
走走走走走,我们小手拉小手,走走走走走,一同 ___ ___ ___
一二三四五六七, 我的朋友 ___ ___ ___
三轮车跑得快, ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___
世上只有 ___ ___ ___

If you can complete at least one or two songs from memory, you'd have witnessed the power of music in learning of a language!

In our Sing September Instagram Project at #funplaywithchinese, we've heard many stories of how music has helped many families come to enjoy Chinese again.

A gift handed down
from one generation
to the next"

We're really privileged and excited to stock The Nursery Rhymes Project books, produced by 实践剧场 The Theatre Practice and illustrated by 阿果 Ah Guo @kowfong! In these books, we find songs from our childhood to reminisce and teach our next generation, and some new ones to learn together.


  • Gorgeous watercolour illustrations by @kowfong with a uniquely Singaporean flavour, making this bookset a snapshot of local life in this day and age, that can be enjoyed for many years to come.
  • Song lyrics for reference, printed clearly on a high contrast background for readability.
  • English translation of the song lyrics, which is really helpful when we explain the meaning of the songs.
  • (Book 2 & 3 Only) Related activity for each song, in both English and Chinese. I find this a value-add for us busy parents, as we can extend learning from the song easily with the pre-prepared conversation starters and activity ideas. Examples of activities are connecting the song lyrics to our life experiences, changing the lyrics to the songs, or drawing something that is related to the song.

Additional resources:

  • High quality audio soundtracks to enjoy the lovely music. In each book, a USB flash drive is included. Perfect to play in the car or enjoy at home! If you're put off by screechy high-pitched or revolutionary-sounding Chinese songs, fret not. These recordings are made by a professional team including 董姿彦 Joanna Dong, Ric Liu, Juni Goh, Ethel Yap and other bilingual theatre practitioners, so you can be sure the songs are of great quality. In book 3 the team has children singing, and even an acapella group Micapella doing a rendition of 拔萝卜 that we love.
  • Song list includes childhood favourites, traditional folk songs and beloved hits from The Theatre Practice's own children's musicals

Book 1 (Blue cover):

歌单 Song List
1. 小白船 The Little White Boat
2. 捕鱼歌 The Fisherman's Song
3. 看你数清数不清 You Can't Count Them
4. 郊游 Outing
5. 我的朋友在哪里 Where's My Friend
6. 当我们同在一起 The More We Get Together
7. 小老鼠上灯台 Little Mouse on Lampstand
8. 送别 Parting
9. 紫竹调 The Purple Bamboo Flute
10. 青春舞曲 The Song of Youth
11. 坐火车 On the Train
12. 没答案的问题 Questions without Answers

Book 2 (Purple cover):

歌单 Song List
1. 稻草里的火鸡 The Turkey in the Straw Field
2. 小毛驴 My Little Donkey
3. 捉泥鳅 Catching Loaches 
4. 两只老虎 Two Tigers
5. 我家门前有小河 The Stream By My Home
6. 白杨树 Poplar Tree
7. 三轮车(念)The Trishaw (Recitation)
8. 三轮车(唱)The Trishaw (Song)
9. 西风的话 The Whisper of the West Wind
10. 打电话 Make A Phone Call
11. 世上只有妈妈好 In This World, Mothers Are Best
12. 乡间的小路 The Country Road
13. 我要上天的那一晚 Day I Met the Stars
Book 3 (Pink cover):

歌单 Song List
1. 小兔子乖乖 Be Good, Little Bunny
2. 外婆的澎湖湾 Grandma's Penghu Bay
3. 踢毽子 Kicking Featherballs
4. 自己跌倒自己爬 Pick Yourself Up After You Fall
5. 外婆桥 + 排排坐 Grandma's Bridge + Sitting in a Row
6. 纸飞机 Paper Plane
7. 骆驼 Camel
8. 我家在哪里 Where Is My Home?
9. 泼水歌 The Water Splash Song
10. 拔萝卜 Pull the Radish
11. 鲁冰花 Lupin Flower
12. 点线加圆圈 A Dot. A Line. Add A Circle.
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Format: Softcover

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Lives up to the hype, gorgeous

I love these nursery rhymes books and music, they are so beautiful! The illustrations are wonderfully whimsical with local flair, they captivated my daughter from her first encounter. The music is gorgeous and very classy not like some high-pitched kids music.

Sze Sze Tui
Chinese books with excellent quality

The book arrived well wrapped, love the illustration of the nursery rhymes project 3 and catchy tunes. Worth buying for my 4 years old

Stephanie Ow
Familiar nursery rhymes in print and wonderfully illustrated by the famous Aguo

With the added thumb drives of songs, this set will definitely help my kids remember the lyrics and tunes to childhood nursery rhymes. Thus far, I am only playing the songs to familiarise my kids with them (currently even I know only half of the nursery rhymes) - then I plan to show them the lyrics so they can understand what they mean. I'm glad all the popular ones that I know are in the books!

Sharelle Low
Good Songs for Road Trips!

My kids can't stop listening to the songs and they're playing on repeat in our car. I enjoyed the songs myself and definitely brings back a lot of childhood memories! The illustrations on the songbooks are really cute and appeal to the kids too!

Lovely songs

Baby loves it when I sing to her and she would smile and listen attentively. Some songs were unfamiliar to me but the usb recorded songs helped!