guānyú xīnjiāpō de gē

Songs about Singapore

Save this list and sing them with your child! ✨

Here are some of my favourite local songs that I grew up singing. Listening to them brings back old memories and fuzzy feelings!


Flags are starting to be displayed all around our neighbourhoods!

This is a simple song to draw attention to the colours, moon and stars on our flag.

Maybe discuss what they mean too.


My favourite Chinese NDP song of all time!

Tugs my heartstrings every single time.


Love the message of this song!

We can't all be 大人物

but we can shine and make a difference in little ways.

Reminds me of the beauty of a simple and ordinary life.


Brings back so many schooling memories!

Remember crying buckets while singing it

when we were about to graduate and

move on to a different phase in life.

Learnt many interesting words by copying out these lyrics too!



I've always thought this was an interesting observation

- the darker it is, the brighter a light will appear.

And... this reminds me of 《城里的月光》by 许美静!!

I’ve also shared a peek into Fun Chinese Picture Dictionary, where we can learn some flag-related terms!

This is just part 1, there are more songs to come ✨

Which is your favourite song out of these?

Let me know!

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