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What are My Story Treasury Reward Points?

It is our way of appreciating our loyal customers like you! Customers can earn and redeem Reward Points for coupon codes to get discounts off your purchases.

Ways to Earn Reward Points

Create an Account with Us (+250)

If you are new to us, set up an account here. You will be enrolled automatically into our Rewards Program. Within a few minutes, you should receive an email with your welcome points!
Automatically credited

Make a Purchase (Every SGD $1 spent x 4)

Earn 4 Reward Points for every SGD $1 spent. (For non SGD currencies, reward points are calculated based on the equivalent SGD order amount determined by the prevailing fixed exchange rate).
Automatically credited.

Follow Us on Instagram (+50)

Earn 50 points! Once per Instagram account.
Automatically credited

Like Us on Facebook (+50)

Earn 50 Reward Points! Once per Facebook account.
Automatically credited

Review Your Purchase (+50 Per Review)

Earn 50 Reward Points per product. Reviews submitted should have more than 20 words.
Reward Points credited when reviews are verified

Refer a Friend (+500)

Your friend gets $5 off their first order, thanks to you!

You get to earn 500 Reward Points ($5 off) for each successful referral.

Make sure you're logged in, and click on the View My Rewards button at the top of this page. Find your referral link, copy it, and send it to your friend or family!

A few minutes after your friend has successfully placed an order using your unique referral link, Reward Points will be automatically credited to your account.

Discount codes can only be used once and cannot be used again if an order is cancelled or refunded. We reserve the sole discretion of awarding Reward Points.

How many Reward Points do I have now?

Click on this link or the button at the top of this page to display your Reward Points.

Your latest Reward Point balance will be emailed to you whever there are changes.

What should I take note when writing reviews?

We love to hear how you have used our products, and how they have made a difference in your bilingual journey! Please make sure reviews contain a minimum of 20 words to help others get a better idea of the product, and refrain from inappropriate language - My Story Treasury will moderate all reviews to make sure these are adhered to. Worry not, we will publish negative reviews too, and let it spur us to get better! Let's maintain a supportive community and encourage constructive conversation here at My Story Treasury. My Story Treasury reserves the right to reproduce the reviews in various forms across different platforms.

How can I redeem Reward Points for discounts?

You may redeem Reward Points when you reach the following minimums:

500 Reward Points = $5 off coupon
1000 Reward Points = $10 off coupon
1500 Reward Points = $15 off coupon
2000 Reward Points = $20 off coupon

Click on the this link or the button at the top of this page.

If you qualify, select "Redeem" to exchange your points for spending credit!

Credit comes in the form of a coupon code, with no minimum spend.

Note: Only one coupon code can be used at each checkout.