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Linxin Reading

We treasure our children and seek to provide them with the best things life can offer. The benefits of reading to children are priceless. Early in my parenting journey, I discovered the power of reading good books to children. As I read to my children, I couldn't help notice how they kept wanting to be read to again and again, even if it was the same book that was already read countless times!

Our children absorbed knowledge like sponges. Precious memories were forged of us reading to them. Their curiosity was piqued, and their minds were swung wide open to all there was to learn.

I began with English books, but very soon realized that Chinese books could not be neglected.

Beyond having good intentions of improving academically and gaining knowledge through books, I wanted my children to have a better appreciation of our Chinese culture and history. I aspired to instill pride in our Chinese heritage and to have confidence communicating with other Chinese speakers, especially to build deeper relationships with grandparents and relatives.

While I acknowledge that we cannot control the destiny and outcome of our children, I firmly believe that the responsibility is still on us as parents to intentionally lay the foundations of developing a strong and resilient character. 

Having interacted and with numerous like-minded parents and observing the needs of my own children, My Story Treasury was founded in 2018 to provide a high quality collection of fun and meaningful books.

Our Vision is to nurture a love of Chinese in children by:

  • Saving you time as we continuously curate the most engaging, meaningful and hilariously rib-tickling books for children aged 0 - 12
  • Maximizing the enjoyment of our books, through providing conversation starters, extension activity ideas and audio narration links where possible
  • Equipping you on how to build your child's worldview, curiosity and character, one book at a time
  • Building precious memories with your children today

We encourage you to join us on our journey, as we grow with our children through Chinese stories!

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A big shoutout to my former co-founder Sarah, without her this journey would never been possible.