Why Buy Chinese Story Books from My Story Treasury?

We Prioritise Customer Satisfaction

Positive customer experiences are the heart and soul of our business. Your satisfaction, positive feedback, and 5-star review is our goal. From purchase to delivery, we take pride in building rapport and meeting your needs, ensuring that value is maximised through our service and products.

We Share Our Experiences

We don't just copy and paste or Google translate. Every book is specially curated and personally reviewed by us ensure quality and age appropriate content. Look up our product descriptions to read our reviews on (almost) every book!

We Ensure Quality

Beware of imitation! We've seen counterfeits with poor paper quality, faded colours, misprints or missing pages. We only carry genuine products and provide high-quality previews where possible. We also perform visual inspections before your order is shipped. If the quality does not meet your expectations, please contact us and will do everything in our power to make it right. Feel free to contact us if you require more information on any product in our store.

We Give Back

A portion of our sales at My Story Treasury go toward making a difference through local and global community efforts listed here.

We Believe In Adding Value

We make every effort to include extension activities and read-aloud narrations of our books where possible. This provides multiple means of engagement for your child to apply concepts or lessons learnt through our books. Follow us on Instagram at @mystorytreasury for more depth ideas and reviews.

We Use It Ourselves

It's no secret that we all love finding great books that has tons of mileage. Every book listed in our store has been personally tried and tested with our own children. If they don't like it, we're not selling it!