中国基因 DNA of Chinese Culture (Set of 7)

Come and soak in the intricacies of Chinese culture,

wrapped in touching tales of familial love!

I highly recommend this series for bilingual parents

who are not only keen in supporting their kids' language acquisition,

but also want to nurture their kids' deep love of the Chinese culture.

These books artfully weaves in food, drink and play into introduction of our beautiful culture.

We love the 中国风 illustration style!

Set of 7 books written by 郝广才 includes:

茶 Tea - We learn about different types of tea, different shapes of tea leaves, different colors of tea, how to brew tea! (with visual steps) and more!

米食乐 Rice - Many things in Chinese cuisine are made with rice, the staple of many Asian cultures. What can we create or cook using rice? What memories do they hold even for us adults?

饺子 Dumplings - A little girl misses her mum deeply while mama works far away. She looks forward to the time she can share dumplings with her mama. Tugs my heartstrings every single time.

陶器 Pottery - Beautiful pottery connects two girls born in very different times, countries and cultures.

豆腐 Tofu - It's so interesting to know that tofu is used in many different cuisines! Have you tried them all? I'm totally in awe of the black and white 连环画 that capture how the tofu maker's dad used to make tofu in the olden times. Such a masterful juxtaposition of the past, present and future in this book. A must-read!

妈妈的一碗汤 Mum's Bowl of Soup - Every family has their different types of soup that mama cooks - in different seasons different soups will grace the kitchen table. This book is really interesting because it contains visual recipes!

陀螺 Spinning Top - A little boy 小羽 learns how to craft a Chinese top from scratch, from his beloved grandpa. When he grows up and goes overseas, he and his grandpa exchange gifts, and of course it's their favourite top, which bind their hearts together. Along with time, we see that Grandpa has Alzheimer's Disease and can no longer be safely left alone in his workshop. Will he recognise 小羽 when he returns?

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