Xīnjiāpō guójiā xìn yuē

It’s 3 more weeks to Singapore’s 57th birthday!

Have you heard of our national pledge in Chinese?

Hanyu pinyin version:

Wǒmen shì xīnjiāpō gōngmín,

shìyuàn bù fēn zhǒngzú, yányǔ, zōngjiào,

tuánjié yīzhì,

jiànshè gōngzhèng píngděng de mínzhǔ shèhuì,

bìng wèi shíxiàn guójiā zhī xìngfú, fánróng yǔ jìnbù, gòngtóng nǔlì.

I recently asked my 6.5year old if he’d like to try to translate Singapore’s national pledge from English into Chinese.

He recites the English pledge in school, so I know that he knows the words by memory.

👦🏻: “我们…. Something something 新加坡…”

We didn’t get very far past the first phrase 😝

and there are big words to understand even in English.

But it definitely got us thinking and talking about what values are important to us as a nation.

We noticed that the sequence of terms and phrasing are different in both languages! There’s a certain cadence to the Chinese version too 😍

It occurred to me that maybe it’ll be better,

if I show my kids the Mandarin version

and let them match the English terms from memory!

Save this post,

and try reading this with your child!

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