zhǒngzú héxié rì

Here are some fun comics to brighten your day!

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Today is Racial Harmony Day in Singapore,

where we commemorate the 1964 race riots,

and remember how important religious harmony is for our nation!

We see many children wearing different ethnic costumes

around school and in the neighbourhood!

Some kids may not like to dress up,

but some love the chance to wear something different to school!

Today we're featuring two books that are highly recommended ✨

📕 又是这一班 It's This Class Again (Set of 6) - is a set of super funny comics!

✨We've been reading this together for many months,

and my kids absolutely love it.

✨It correlates with their school terms and calendar dates -

and there are many jokes around festive celebrations too!

✨We learnt so many puns / homophones,

and the jokes keep them coming back for more.

✨Pro-tip: This is my secret for honing their sense of humour in Chinese,

and they start to invent a lot of their own puns too 😍

✨Those who have bought books 1-6,

just letting you know that the newest book 7 is out and available now!!

📕 欢乐学习看图词典 Fun Chinese Picture Dictionary (2nd edition) - Bilingual

is a must-have handbook for every single Singaporean family that learns Chinese!

✨Check out the awesome bilingual terms for daily items with hanyu pinyin!

✨Lots of measure words 量词 are taught too!

✨We have lots of tips to maximise the use of this handbook

✨Awesome to help you and your child gain confidence in speaking Mandarin (:

✨Same publisher as our Singaporean primary school chinese #欢乐伙伴 curriculum materials!

✨PS: this book comes with an app to read out the words 😎

GET your copy at mystorytreasury.com if you haven’t already!

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