🍊 Recommended Reads for CNY 🍊

🍊 Recommended Reads for CNY 🍊

🍊 Recommended Reads for CNY 🍊

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This CNY, we have curated a list of awesome reads to learn more about Chinese New Year and Spring!

Pop-up / Interactive books

📕过年啦 It’s Chinese New Year! Pop-up Book

📕🍊 IN ENGLISH! 🍊 欢乐中国年 传统节日立体书 Chinese New Year - Pop-up Book

📕包起来真好吃 Yummy Food All Wrapped Up

Highly Recommended Stories about CNY

📕好忙的除夕 Busy New Year’s Eve

📕十二生肖的故事 Story of the Chinese Zodiac

📕团圆 A New Year’s Reunion

📕中国传统节日故事绘本 Traditional Chinese Festivals (Set of 10) - 除夕, 元宵节 with Hanyu Pinyin

Local Stories about CNY

📕乐乐和佳佳 Timmy and Tammy Singapore Series - 乐乐和佳佳学做黄梨挞 (Making Pineapple Tarts)

📕新加坡华族传统食品 Singaporean Chinese Cultural Food (Set of 8) with Hanyu Pinyin -

今天我们捞鱼生 Today Let’s Lo-Hei,

今天我们搓汤圆 Today Let’s Make Glutinous Riceballs,

今天我们做鸡蛋卷 Today Let’s Make Eggrolls,

今天我们蒸年糕 Today Let’s Steam Nian Gao and more!

Local Reference books

📕大家来过节 新加坡 传统节日与习俗 Let’s Celebrate - Singaporean Festivals and Customs (Set of 3) - 新加坡华族传统节日与习俗 Let’s Celebrate! Singaporean Chinese Festivals and Customs

📕欢乐学习看图词典 Fun Chinese Picture Dictionary (2nd edition) - Bilingual - pg 126-127 农历新年, pg 142-143 四季

Other Stories

📕手绘中国传统节日 Hand-drawn Traditional Chinese Festivals (Set of 8) -

过大年 (正月初一),

元宵节 (正月十五)


📕春福 Spring Blessing

📕好困好困的新年 Sleepy, Sleepy New Year

📕和竹子在一起 Together with Bamboo

📕打灯笼 Carrying Lanterns

📕饺子和汤圆 Dumplings and Glutinous Riceballs

📕中国基因 DNA of Chinese Culture (Set of 7) - 饺子 Dumplings

Wordless book

with bilingual vocabulary list

📕四季时光 All Around Bustletown - 4 Seasons - Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Night (Set of 5) - Bilingual - Spring 暖春

About Money

📕小兔子学赚钱,存钱,花钱,捐钱 - 财商启蒙 Moneybunny Series - Teaching Kids About Money (Set of 4)

About Body safety

📕请不要随便摸我 Your Body Belongs to You

About Spring cleaning / Housework

📕来帮忙喽! 家务小帮手 Let’s Help Out with Housework!

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