📷 and review by @lahlahbanana

📷 and review by @lahlahbanana

Thank you Emma for featuring one of our favourite pop-up books, and for sharing this lovely rainbow Teochew mooncake 😍


Easy Teochew Rainbow Mooncake!

I don’t usually post twice in a weekend, but this was really too beautiful not to share. I have always thought thousand layer mooncakes look and taste out of this world .... this flaky spiral delicacy are one of my favourite kinds of mooncake.

Today for the first time we actually tried it ourselves, and I realise it’s such a fun activity to do with kids.... because it’s really hard to go wrong.

The trick to the recipe is to make two different doughs .... one from water, and one from oil/ghee, and layer them together.

This activity is perfect for a cross age group family, as plenty of swishing and rolling for a younger child, and delicate wrapping and cutting for an older one. Also a nice way to revise colours with a toddler :). Festivals are indeed excellent times for meaningful use of language, and creating happy memories together.

A huge thank you to passionate community volunteer @fatclay from #teckgheecc who led a fantastic online class and has put a copy up on his YouTube. We had a delightful afternoon of baking, and will certainly try it again on our own.

The recipe is a little too long and complex to repeat here (unlike my earlier post on Strawberry Agar Agar Longan mooncake). Google has heaps of recipes and videos, including the YouTube of @fatclay himself that we followed :). This is when I wish IG would let us include links!

Making such a beautiful rainbow cake, we paired it with an out-of-this world huge size pop up book, 文化都在节日里 Culture Is Found in Our Festivals. Much like mooncakes, this book only appears on our shelves at festive times, so it was also a real treat too.

What are you baking or making this Mid Autumn?

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